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Spreading the good news: options for skillful aging


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Dec 14, 2023
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The older I get, the more it’s true:

Alexander awareness is amazingly helpful when we’re young.

It’s absolutely essential as we move into the challenges of aging.

Apropos of which, here’s a great new article which features several of my excellent colleagues: The Alexander Technique: A Mind-Body Practice for All of Us

“They tend to be my best students, because muscling through pain or discomfort doesn’t work anymore. Now they need a more efficient way of living and moving and standing”. – Eve Bernfeld, about her students who are 60 and older


A fair number of my students are 60 or older… and so am I! So I’m doubly grateful for the way in which the Technique can help us manage aging more intelligently and with much greater ease.

“If you think about our physical structures, we see postural strategies, movement strategies and balance strategies. And the Alexander Technique offers people a way to discover their current strategies and how to change them for the better,” said Ruth Rootberg, a certified Alexander Technique teacher and author based in Amherst, Mass. “People who learn the technique move better, feel better and have more lightness and ease, mentally and physically.

So many are asking at this time how to deal with all the unknowns, how to cope with the stress and the problems we had no idea we’d have to deal with,” she noted. “How we live day by day, moment to moment, matters — and the Alexander Technique has something to offer.

I’m grateful to be able to teach again in person with appropriate safety protocols and to continue teaching online in private lessons and classes, as I have since early on in the pandemic.

My 2 online ‘AT Sparky Hour’ group classes per week are on Thursdays at 11am and Saturdays at 1pm, CST.

If you’re curious, give it a go!
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