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Project: Wasserwoche (Water Week) with Gerolsteiner


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Dec 14, 2023
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Project: Wasserwoche (Water Week) with Gerolsteiner

*This post is sponsored by Gerolsteiner.

I am proud to say that I will be a part of the “Projekt: Wasserwoche” 2018 by Gerolsteiner. I’ve seen the challenge on social media these past years, and this year, I am happy to be part of it, too.

What is ‘Projekt: Wasserwoche (engl. Project: Water Week)?​

The idea behing it is to only drink mineral water for a week, from May 14th to 20th 2018. We will all try to drink at least 2 Liters, preferably more, of water. Mineral water includes both still and sparkling water that comes from a spring and naturally contains minerals.

So what should I not drink?​

Sodas, sugary and frizzy drinks, coffee, black tea and alcohol.

So I really only drink mineral water…?​

Almost. Herbal teas, fruit teas and smoothies are also allowed. And of course you should eat! This is not a diet or a fasting cure. It would, however, be helpful to eat as healthy as possible during this week. If you pick a few of my recipes, then this would certainly make you feel even better.

Ok, but what’s the point of this week?​

To have fun! And to see, how your body reacts to the changes. Leaving out coffee will certainly be a challenge for many of us. In my opinion, this week is supposed to help you get rid of things that might make you feel not so good, and instead focus on the things that make you feel amazing: drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and nourishing dishes, moving mindfully and taking time for yourself.

Win one of 3000 one-week water supplies from Gerolsteiner​

All you have to do to win is to register for the water week on the Gerolsteiner website until April 29th 2018. It’s completely free and won’t cost you a dime.

I drink only water 52 weeks a year…​

Great! Me, too! But I still drink coffee and sometimes even a glas of wine on the weekends. That’s not bad per se, but I think it will be fun to see if I can eliminate coffee out of my diet for seven days. And then there are also many people that still drink plenty of sodas and sugared drinks on a daily basis without knowing about the effects it has on their bodies. That’s why I hope that projects like this will raise awareness of the importance of drinking plenty of water.

Where do I find motivation?​

Here! And Gerolsteiner has, of course, come up with great content like healthy recipes, relaxation practices and lots of other fun ideas on their website. They even have an app called “Gerolsteiner Projekt: Wasserwoche“, which you can download for free in your App-Store. If you use the #projektwasserwoche on Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook, you will also find lots of motivational other posts.

So, are you in?

*Sponsored Post. This post was created in cooperation with Gerolsteiner. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep me dancing in my kitchen all day long.

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