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How to make a simple spring centerpiece with seasonal blooms


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Dec 14, 2023
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To celebrate the official start of spring, I thought I’d share a little step-by-step photo tutorial for creating a simple tablescape featuring daffodils, tulips and other spring blooms from the garden. For this particular project, I created one medium-sized bouquet for the center of the display and combined it with a collection of mixed apothecary bottles with blooms at varying heights on either side of it.

spring centerpiece tutorial

To make this simple spring display, I gathered up some pretty creamy yellow double tulips, three different varieties of daffodils, a few stems of fragrant lilacs, some buttery primroses, a couple of handfuls of cute grape hyacinths, and some wild garden greens.

spring centerpiece details

Note: Daffodils emit a clear, slimy sap after being harvested. Prior to using fresh-picked daffodils in mixed bouquets with other flowers, it is best to “condition” the daffodils first. Simply place daffodils in a separate vase with cool, clean water to allow the sap to flow. The sap can negatively impact the vase life of other flowers, so allowing time for them to sit in water separately is essential. After a 2-3 hour rest, daffodils can be combined with other flowers, but don’t recut the stem ends as the sap will just start flowing again.

spring centerpiece

Start by adding greens around the neck of a small vase and then a few more stems in the center. Next, place a few stems of lilacs in amongst the greens, leaving room to thread in other flowers in between them.

spring centerpiece design

On either side of the bouquet, nestle in some large double flowered tulips, clustering them together for the most visual impact. Lastly, place primroses and daffodils into any empty areas.

arranging small bottles of flowers

Finally, place a handful of petite grape hyacinths into short, wider-mouth vases. Add single stems of daffodils, cut to varying heights, into the narrow-necked apothecary bottles. Grouped together with the centerpiece, these cheerful blooms are sure to brighten up your brunch table or Easter celebration. Enjoy!

spring centerpiece idea

Photographs by Michèle M. Waite

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