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Can Aluminum Trailers Crack?


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Dec 14, 2023
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Aluminum is a very durable material, making it an excellent choice for a purchase from a trailer manufacturer in Ontario. It is resistant to rust, and if it gets bent out of shape, it can usually be restored to its original configuration. Sometimes it just pops back into place on its own. Nevertheless, aluminum is not impervious to damage. It may crack under certain circumstances.

Even if an aluminum trailer does crack, it may be possible to repair the damage. Furthermore, you may be able to prevent cracking with regular maintenance.

Why Do Aluminum Trailers Crack?

By itself, aluminum is too soft to make equipment from. If you have ever crushed an aluminum can in the palm of your hand, you know that a trailer made of pure aluminum would not be very durable. Aluminum trailers are made of an alloy that makes them stronger and more durable while maintaining the advantages of aluminum, such as its lightweight, flexibility, and resistance to rust.

Nevertheless, even when blended with other metals and reinforced, aluminum is still susceptible to gradual degradation due to shearing or metal fatigue, more so than a trailer made from a material such as steel. The more stress cycles it is subjected to, and the higher the stress, the more likely it is that the aluminum will crack under the pressure.

How Do You Repair a Crack in an Aluminum Trailer?

If the crack is relatively minor, it may be possible to repair it yourself. The first step is to use fine-grained sandpaper or steel wool to polish the surface that has been damaged, taking care not to scratch the surface further or make the crack any worse. Next, use neutral soap and water to clean the surface and remove any residue that remains. Dry using a lint-free cotton cloth. Then apply aluminum polish in either a paste or a liquid to a fresh lint-free cloth and polish the affected area. Use circular movements that overlap each other and take care in spreading the polish over the surface. The final step is to use soapy water to clean the area one more time.

Check your trailer frequently for cracks so that you can address them before they have a chance to worsen. If you use magic cotton or other metal cleaning products to address the cracks, you must use alcohol afterward to rinse the area.

How Do You Avoid Cracks in an Aluminum Trailer?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your trailer can help decrease the risk of cracks forming. On the other hand, some cleaning techniques may damage your trailer. When attempting to remove dirt deposits and stains, you should start by using the gentlest method available. If that doesn’t work, gradually try more aggressive methods until you gain success. Methods for cleaning should also be appropriate to the finish of your trailer, whether anodized or lacquered. Test cleaners in a hidden area so you can see how they affect the aluminum and the finish before using them on the entire trailer.

Cleaning methods may vary based on the finish, the frequency of cleaning, and the type of dirt. However, there are things you should always avoid when cleaning any type of aluminum trailer:

  • High water pressure
  • Rubbing with abrasives
  • Acid cleaners
  • Organic solvents
  • Extremes of temperature that make the aluminum either very cold or very hot

You can use a soft cloth with butanone-based solvents to clean your aluminum trailer. You should use mild soap, warm water, and gentle brushing.

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