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Adding AT Sparkle to your Covid masking


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Dec 14, 2023
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We’ve had fun in our AT Spark Zoom classes lately applying AT skills to mask wearing!

None of us can avoid having to don ’em these days, so why not embrace the task as the splendid opportunity it is? We can use the mask to liven up our postural poise and balance while protecting ourselves and our neighbors.


We played with noticing what our response to the mask is if we just stick them on our faces in the usual manner…

Feels claustrophobic, breathing restricted, working my eyes too hard to look friendly… and oy, does my jaw tend to get tight. Check, check check!

Then we approached the endeavor differently, playfully, cultivating ease in ourselves and a positive, even loving relationship with the mask. And lo, the claustrophobic/ can’t breathe/ tight/ resentful experience transformed.

Want to try it? Here’s what we did!

Start at 5 minutes in…

The fine folks in this class are familiar with my class format and with Alexander principles… so please feel free to send questions if it’s new terrain for you!
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